This site was updated on 31 July 2015

FOTOACTION was established in Australia in the late 1960’s using GENPICS as it’s business name. The organisation continued under this name until the mid 1980’s when it was changed to DAKLEY IMAGES. It took it’s present title of FOTOACTION in 1996 when principal photographer and owner Daryl Cross wanted a name that symbolised the majority of work that was being undertaken, i.e. SPORT AND ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY so FOTOACTION was registered as a legal business.

Daryl began his photography career in the mid 1960’s as a stringer on a weekly news magazine in Canberra and on the weekly newspaper the “Canberra Courier”. He then spent two years working at the then Australian News and Information Bureau in Canberra as a Darkroom Technician before taking a full time position with the “Courier” where he then spent two years covering all types of assignments in and around the National Capital. This was followed by almost twenty years of teaching and working in schools in Canberra and Queensland as well as continuing with his freelance work.

In 1996 he returned to freelance work full time covering all types of sporting and action based events. His special interests are all types of marine photography as well as cycling, athletics, baseball, equestrian, and in fact all types of sports. He had work regularly published in AUSTRALIAN SAILING, AUSTRALIAN YACHTING and MULTIHULL WORLD magazines.

Daryl completed his Bachelor of Photography Degree at Griffith University in Brisbane in 2000 and his Bachelor of Photography with Honours in 2001.


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